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The Qemant are a small ethnic group in Ethiopia, who, despite their close historical and ethnic relationship, should not be confused with the Beta Israel.

The ethnicity's population is roughly 172,000 (according to the census of 1994). However, only 1,625 people still speak Qimant, and it is considered endangered, as most children speak Amharic; likewise, adherence to the traditional religion has dropped substantially, as most of the population has converted to Christianity. Converts often consider themselves to have become Amhara - which they see as a desirable goal.

The Qemant live along an axis stretching from Chilga to Kirakir north to Lake Tana; most remaining speakers of the language are near Aykel, about 40 miles west of Gondar. They are mainly farmers.


The Qemant traditionally practiced a religion which is often described as "Pagan-Hebraic," combining elements from both Judaism and paganism (Zar). According to the American scholar Frederic C. Gamst, their "Hebraism is an ancient form and unaffected by Hebraic change of the past two millennia"... Read more.

Source: Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


Another Enigma in Ethiopia

The Qemant are another Ethiopian enigma, their religion is a mix of ancient Canaanite Paganism blended with many elements of Hebrew such as observation of a Sabbath, and observation of food proscriptions in accordance with Judaic Law.

There are believed to be between 20,000 to 25,000 Qemant people living in northern central Ethiopia.  Religion is a focal point for this community, with many members describing themselves through their religion, which has been judged as a mix of pagan and Hebraic elements.

∑         In common with the Hebrew faith, an entity that encompasses all evil is also a part of the Qemant religion.  Saytan, a name apparently derived from the Satan of Hebraic belief, is the source of all evil for the Qemant people.

∑         Heaven and Hell also exist for the Qemant people.  Hell is cold and fiery, while Heaven is paradise.  The soul goes to either Heaven or Hell due to the personís behavior on earth, with a good person being rewarded in Heaven.  To go to Heaven, a person must not steal, must not do evil deeds, and must be faithful to their wife/husband... Read more.

Source: the-truth-seekers.org


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